This will be a wonderful day if safety is everyone’s priority.

  • Follow the instructions given by police, gendarmes and volunteers.
  • Stay on the road side and avoid external curves (do not worry, the promotional products offered by the publicity caravane will be distributed to both sides of the road).
  • Do not cross the roads during the entire event.
  • Watch your children with great vigilance. They do not have the same field of vision, nor the same size and the same hazard awareness as you have.
  • Keep your pets on a leash and better, do not take them to the roadsides at all.
  • Do not run alongside the riders. Even better, do not run.
  • The overflight of the route and its surroundings drones is strictly forbidden.
  • Take with you to hydrate, eat, sun protection and anticipate the potential degradation of the weather. In the mountains, the temperature can suddenly drop by 20 ° C!
  • Respect private property. Do not cross fields or meadows and stay on routes or paths.
  • Dispose of litter and waste in the dedicated places.
  • Do as the riders do: be active! Visit the Tour de France by bike. Enjoy the beautiful hiking- and mountain biking trails. The road will be open for cyclist until at least noon.
  • Any marking on roads and walls is prohibited and will be sanctioned.

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