Finhaut, May 2, 2016 – With a snow shovel the two-time Tour de France winner Bernard Thévenet accompanied by the cyclists Steve Morabito (FDJ), Jonathan Fumeaux (IAM), Simon Pellaud (IAM) and Stef Clement (IAM) took away the last remnants of snow from the future finish line at 1965m. At the same time this symbolic gesture was the prelude to the final sprint for the preparations for the arrival of the 17th stage of the Tour de France 2016 in Emosson.

That stage on July 20, 2016 Finhaut-Emosson “become a great festival of sport and togetherness,” reads one of the wishes of the Valais State Council, the President of the Valais government Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten delivered to Finhaut on Monday. In the symbolic inauguration of the finish line, the stage organizers coordinate all matters relating to this extraordinary event.

“On the occasion of the one-day race Liège-Bastogne-Liège I had a chat with Tour chief Christian Prudhomme,” said the co-chairman of the Organizing Committee Alain Gay-des-Combes. “He stated again that this stage will be extraordinarily. Exceptionally for us but also for the Tour de France itself, which is always in search of innovation. ”
This stage will also be exceptional thanks to the efforts of many partners, the second co-chairman of the Organizing Committee Cédric Revaz said. “We are grateful to the State of Valais, the Commune Finhaut, Bernard Thévenet and ASO, Valais / Wallis Promotion, our ambassador Steve Morabito and Nant de Drance, without whose contributions it would not be possible to host this stage at Finhaut-Emosson. Not to mention the hundreds of volunteers who, incidentally, are still looking for active support in their ranks. ”

EUR 2.5 million direct revenue

With a total budget of 2 million francs, of which 1.9 are already covered, the Tour de France brings the Valais significant economic opportunities with a magnificent media impact. 50000-100000 spectators are expected. “The direct economic consequences for the entire Canton are estimated at 2.5 million Swiss francs,” recalls Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten.
Mayor Pascal May welcomes the excellent cooperation and the promotion by the cantonal authorities. “We are supported in every respect and appreciate this very much.” The canton provides particularly numerous free services: so can Finhaut count on the contributions of the cantonal police, civil defense, KWRO and the Department for roads, public transport and river engineering and knows the works around the finish in Emosson in the best hands. Other partners, such as the Loterie Romande, the Sports Fund, the Department of Economic Development, the municipality Finhaut, Tissot, as well as other companies complete their contributions the event budget.

The Valais, Canton of cycling

The entire Canton will in long term benefit from the Tour de France, placing the region in the spotlight. Finally, the tour has not less than 3.5 billion TV viewers followed in 190 countries around the globe. Valais / Wallis Promotion (VWP) wants to use the occasion to make the Valais an integral part of the international cycling scene. “That such an important competition chooses our region, confirmes the strategic orientation of Valais / Wallis Promotion” explains director Damian Constantin.

The requirements of the Tour de France regarding road closures are far more comprehensive than other cycling races. Therefore, the organizers would like to thank the residents of the affected communities for their understanding and compliance with the official requirements already today.

Regarding access to the track itself, the streets in the direction of Finhaut-Emosson, including the Forclaz Pass, will be closed as soon when all parkings are fully occupied. Visitors are asked to cover the distance by public transport, bicycle (on the road or mountain bike along the Chemin des diligences) or on foot. All recommended routes are signposted from Switzerland and from France. Tickets for those arriving by Mont Blanc Express are available from 30 May in advance. Attention, the number of tickets is limited. Information

The “VIP packages” for companies and individuals (see below) offer the possibility of access to the race track with all the comfort and some interesting advantages. All information available on the following link

Street opening

The Route d’Emosson should be open from 6 May for cyclists and the usual traffic. However, the exact date is still open and will be confirmed shortly after this year’s weather conditions, depending on the evolution of the situation (there is information continuously at the Tourist Office). Then there is the opportunity to explore the majestic setting of this grandiose finale even by bicycle. On the way to the reservoir, you can take a break in Finhaut and in Mont-Fleuri the exhibition “Par ici: Paris! Quand l’histoire du Tour de France rejoint la légende “(subheadings When the history of the Tour de France meets the legend) of Valais collector Marc-André Elsig visit, the classification jerseys, historic bicycles and components and piquant anecdotes in spectacular bike showcases.

Fête du Tour on June 4

The exhibition at the Mont-Fleuri opens its doors on May 5 and on June 4 the Tour Festival will be celebrated. Adults can make bike ride from Châtelard Frontière to Emosson, while children can look forward to a special challenge in Finhaut. Young and old will thus have the opportunity to discover the course and to the day then in a pleasant frame end with music and Pasta Party in Finhaut. Registrations are now on the site possible (10.- CHF incl. Memorial Award).
Sale of VIP packages

Besides the offers for companies that Organisationskomite also offers VIP packages for individuals who want to follow the events on the big day of the stage finish in all comfort with. The package for 320, – CHF per person includes receiving in Martigny, a guaranteed parking, transportation (round trip) to Finhaut, access to the VIP area with catering and drinks, commemorative T-shirt and cap, and especially the opportunity to experience the entire stage directly on the VIP-zone screen directly on the roadside. These VIP packages can already be reserved directly on the homepage.