The evacuation of some team buses from Emosson by the galleries of the Nant de Drance construction site was disrupted Wednesday because of non-observance by some 200 vehicles parked on the arrival site.

In the afternoon, the evacuation of the vehicles of the advertising caravan went smoothly, despite significant cCaravanePubEgli_160720_4991onstraints on their configuration. These vehicles went down by galleries of a worksite in progress, with strict security requirements and no comparison with an ordinary road tunnel.

While it was mentioned that all other vehicles would only be evacuated after the team buses with the athletes, dozens of unalloyed vehicles have unfortunately forced the passage, causing delays for some teams and riders. The layout of the premises imposed indeed the descent of 25 vehicle convoys in the tunnel.

The organizing committee deplores the lack of respect, in contrast to that shown by the audience throughout the day, and regrets the inconvenience caused beyond its control. She thanks the management of the Nant de Drance construction work and its staff for the extraordinary work done during the day yesterday.